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Kazakhstan - Philippines

Bilateral relations of Kazakhstan and the Philippines in 2010

Trade with Kazakhstan and the Philippines from January to November 2010 was 7,3 million, which completely fell on imports from the Philippines.

In the past year in the Philippines is visited by about 1.5 thousand of Kazakh tourists. About 7 thousand Filipino professionals working in the service sector in oil and gas in western Kazakhstan. Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is working to attract companies from the Philippines in the industry of our country.

Embassy work has begun to attract transit flow from the Philippines to Europe via Guangzhou China - Kazakhstan - Russia. The new Philippine government is preparing a program to build new schools and hospitals and is interested in getting acquainted with the experience of Kazakhstan in this direction.
In Manila, from a position of office of the Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in this country, E. Ferreira conducted promotional activities through the web site information about our country.

Proposals for enhanced cooperation:

1. Since 2004, the Philippines seeking observer status in the OIC, mainly because of problems in the country of Islamic separatism. Manila is one of the influential members of ASEAN, has repeatedly supported the candidacy of Kazakhstan as a member of ASEAN Regional Forum on security.
Given Kazakhstan's forthcoming chairmanship in the OIC, are encouraged to use this fact to promote the interests of our republic in the Philippines, as well as through the State in international and regional organizations.
2. In order to solve the energy problems of the new leadership intends in future to begin the project of building nuclear power plants. In this regard, it seems appropriate to intensify cooperation with the Philippines in this area as a potential supplier of raw materials for nuclear power plants.
3. Interest in the Philippine side to the export of Kazakh oil and petroleum products, durum wheat, production plants, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, and to import into our country for engineering products and electronics, indicates there is sufficient potential for economic cooperation. To implement measures in this direction is invited to work with the Philippine side to the establishment of economic and trade commission on economic cooperation, as well as the opening of the g.Manile consular representation.
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